The ba and the sta-ki

Performance in the framework of the exhibition “Vassilis Vlastaras: Condensation Cube” at ISET (Institute of Contemporary Greek Art). March 2018, Athens

The ba and the sta-ki – Οι Τραπ και το Κρατ-δολ



Dressed as a hybrid rebel -mimicking a street rioter and a demonstrator at recent nationalist rallies in Greek Macedonia- Kostis Stafylakis deals with the growth of anti-Semitic discourse in Greek public life. Re-writing the historical anti-Semitic forgery of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, Stafylakis transcribes an account of anti-Semitic statements by public personas during the years of the Greek financial crisis. The banner with these new “protocols” is carried and publically displayed in the streets surrounding the Institute of Contemporary Greek Art. An old man says “that’s Okhrana”.