Conferences of Neo-Citizens (CNC)

Performance, City Hall of Geneva, during the “Democracy Week. Votation on human enhancement,  transhumanism and emerging technologies. With Adrian Filip, Jérôme Sire, … More

Puerto Rico

The opening of the “Nick Boricua Museum”, Omonoia Athens Biennial, 2016. An exploration on the exotic self-image of Greece as a … More

Oath taking / Ορκωμοσία

Performance by Kostis Stafylakis. Participation in the show “Babel Fragments Revisited”, curated by Alexis Fidetzis, Metamatic Taf, Athens, April 2015. … More

«Urgent Announcement»

Action part of the workshop Archaeology, Anthropology and Contemporary Art, part of the Archaeological Dialogues conference that was held in Athens, Greece in … More

Noctrunal Assembly

video, Geneva 2013 (for greek scroll down) The “nocturnal assembly” is a bizarre and dark re-enactment of a general assembly, … More