– Mini-marathon titled “The policy of lie” at Circuits & Currents, Athens, December 2016.

– Exhibition “Leading Action: Remakes of Artistic Radicality”, ISET (Institute of Contemporary Greek Art), 8/10/15 – 9/01/16. The exhibition is the result of a seminar process organized in the framework of its operation MOKE of the Athens School of Fine Arts.

– Exhibition “Invisible Governments: Knowledge as a State of the Self”. Circuits & Currents, 25/6 to 11/7 of 2015. The exhibition is a product of a seminar organized by the MOKE of the Athens School of Fine Arts on the history and cultural analysis of conspiratory thought.

– Action/workshop intitled “Bodies/Sounds/Instruments: lab and discussion on gender, sound and acts”. Athens School of Fine Arts, June 4, 2015.

– Co-curating with Madeleine Amsler and Severin Guelpa, “Twisting C(r)ash” with the participation of 14 Greek and Swiss artists, “LE COMMUNE”, October 2 – 27, 2015, Geneva.

– Exhibition “Gardens, squares, amphitheaters: questions about art and research”. Old Municipal Baths, Patras, Re – Culture Festival, December 2014.

Co-curating of “The Other designs: historical authenticity as arzszc project”. At Beton7, Athens 2014. 

– Contribution of the 4th Athens Biennial 2013 on to shaping the thematic, together with scientific supervision of theoretical panels focusing on the social and political dimensions of contemporary art. 

– Exhibition “On Ethics”, Re – Culture 2 Festival, September 2013

Co-curating of the exhibition “Ugliness, Contrition and few Awe” (Οδυρμοί, σχετλιασμοί και λίγοι θειασμοί) with the metaoccupy group, Re – Culture Festival 2, September 2013

– Exhibition “To the limits of togetherness”, The symptom project, Amfissa, 2012

– D44 project at Art Athina, collaboration with Sotiri Baketsetzi, Elpida Karabas, Polina Kosmodaki, Athens 2005

– (2004) Co-curating of the Workshop “Synergy” at the Center of Contemporary Art of Larissa with Christoforos Marinos and Elpida Karabas. He then co-wrote the exhibition “Synergy” with works by the students of the School of Fine Arts of Athens and Thessaloniki who participated in the Workshop.
– Organizing the mini-marathon intitled “The politics of lie” at Circuits & Currents, Athens, December 2016I always tell the truth. Not the whole truth, because there is no way you can tell it all. It is literally impossible to say it all: the words fail. However, through this very impossibility the truth keeps the real.

Jacques Lacan, “Television.”

Λέω πάντα την αλήθεια. Όχι όλη την αλήθεια, γιατί δεν υπάρχει τρόπος να την πεις όλη. Είναι κυριολεκτικά αδύνατο να τη πεις όλη: οι λέξεις αποτυγχάνουν. Ωστόσο, μέσα από αυτή ακριβώς την αδυνατότητα η αλήθεια διατηρεί το πραγματικό.