Democratic Exercises – Body at Risk_02

in collaboration with Kunstraum Memphis,

The second version of “Democratic Exercises – Body at Risk” was produced for the exhibition ” On the New, Viennese Scenes and Beyond – Part 1″, at Belvedere21 in Vienna.

Collective apologies, a Care Giver asking “Do you love me?”, the need for a good Psy, scenarios of climate apocalypse and accusations of “still eating meat?!” are some of the issues around the fighting exercises. “Toxic masculinity” and questions as “Are you a man or a woman?” return to give space for more “insults” and “verbal aggression”. Who is the victim? How we produce victims and aggressors ?

Often the Voice is often separated from the Body. Lost or found in “interpretation” is part of misunderstandings. Fake translation attempts to correct the speakers.

In between “Checking our privilege” and “the other” there is always a conflictual potential. Name it and fight.

With Jaskaran Anand, Simona Ferrar, Thomas Frank, Christoph Rothenbuchner and Pascal Thimotee.

Camera credits: Lena Lorenz & Elias Dietrich

Editing: V.Kostayola

Production assistant: Kata Martincsák