Vana Kostayola is an interdisciplinary visual artist (video and performance) interested in the meeting point between reality and fiction, documentary and immersive theater, contact improvisation dance, medical discourse and institutions, feminist issues and mothering.

She co-founded KavecS with Kostis Stafylakis in 2004, and their work was presented amongst others, in Palais de Tokyo, Steirischer Herbst in Graz, Monodrome 3d Athens Biennale , Media Impact at the 4th Moscow Biennial. 

Compagnie KavecS was established in Geneva in 2013 as a non profit association. The association organises open workshops and discussions. 

After  a bachelor from the Athens School of Fine Arts, an MA Fine Art in Central Saint Martins and an MA Interactive Media in Goldsmiths University of London, the artist worked in Athens collaborating with theatre and dance groups. Some years she moves to Geneva to go back to studies and depend on readings and writings in an MA of Critical Curatorial Cybermedia.

Association KAVECS
37 rue Prévost-Martin