Europe Amongst the Ruins

Black Circle – Graz

Μαύρος Κύκλος/Black Circle” (2010-2013).


The “Black Circle” project was first presented in May 2010. The project shows a series of aggressive and esoteric speeches based on the study of groups belonging to the trend of Third-positionism (Autonomous Nationalism, National Anarchism, National Bolshevism, Radical Traditionalism). Groups of this peculiar trend exist in Greece since the 90s. They are early splits of the Golden Dawn neo-Nazi movement. Since 2008, some of these kernels tried to influence parts of the youth. Most notorious are the “Black Lilly” and the “Independent Meandrian Nationalists”. Through studying the rhetoric of the Black Lilly group, KavecS (Kostis Stafylakis & Vana Kostayola) crafted the Black Circle: a mimetic reproduction of this strange ideological amalgam of anticapitalism, ethno-communitarianism and love for the medieval society. Different versions of the Black Circle have been presented in Athens (aaart, XYZ Outlet, at the 4th Moscow Biennial (Media Impact Show), at the “Truth is Concrete” marathon of activist art (Graz), at Palais de Tokyo (“Hell as Pavilion” show) and elsewhere.