Women Telling The Future, Espace Sold’Out

Drown from the traditional practices of greek and eastern women, when «  reading the coffee » was a feminine activity of reclaiming power, WTF performance reverses the old Kafenio, the Coffee-Shop of the village that was due only to men. 

A four hour performance with the participation of :
Antonia Diakantoni, Elena Evangelidou, Evgenia Daskalou, Xristina Bisiritsa, Alexia Pasteels and in collaboration to Sofia Kouloukouri

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In between a workshop, a sound installation and a guided tour the performance, amongst others, reflects upon the representation of women and how renaissance art embraces ancient Greek ideals with the soft, feminine passive beauty aside muscular men.

Entering the space of the performance visitors encounter a floor filled up with carpets, low wooden tables, old porcelain dinnerware sets together with the particular desserts and are guided to learn how to make their own coffee, relax, drink it, fill up questionnaires while waiting for their turn to come. The awkward moment of the «reading of their futur» by one of the women with a microphone, shifts an intimate personal moment into a public shared experience.




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