The protagonist on stage is Marie and she is plural. It is played by different performers, men and women. While the presenter announces the coming of each Mary as if it were a symptom of a contemporary discourse, the new Mary unfolds. Sometimes Marie is a control freak, sometimes she’s a melancholic or simply not available, just absent. While Marie appears divine, we also see her on her therapist’s couch: her diagnosis will soon be visible, in theory and practice. Mary also embodies the figure of the mother, but it is to better ask us what relational bodies the maternal is made of today. Mary here, Mary there. The performers move back and forth, in and out of their roles to explore the playful and dark sides of Marie. Its different figures, alternately victims and aggressors, are freely improvised and explored by playing on the threads of the news. In interaction with the wandering audience, our bodies and voices perform movements, fabricate objects and shape narratives that narrate, abuse and transform the multiple facets of representations of Mary.

With : Vincent Barras, Brice Catherin, Beth Dillon, Graziella Ecoffey, Simona Ferrar, Konstantina Fytrou, Pauline Huguet, Hervé Munz, Yannick Trolliet and the participation of Kostis Stafylakis, Michalis Boukas and Sol Dillon

Photos: Yuri Tavares

Marie se couche,
Marie vous touche,
Marie couche,
Marie se touche,
Marie accouche,
Marie attouche,
Marie est en couches,
Marie fait des retouches,
Marie est morte en couches ,
Marie a la touche,
Marie a un retour de couches, 
Marie vous couche, 
Marie change les couches,
Marie provoque une fausse couche,
Marie touche à la mélancolie.

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